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About Karuna Arts

 Karuna Arts Inc. is a thriving business started in 2001, creating fabric art and clothing from Amara Wahaba Karuna's original designs. Our products include prayer flags, banners, clothes and strings of pennants, on durable natural fabric and hand batiked in Bali. Each piece is an individually done art piece, not printed by machines.  

In 2013, Gemma Buell took over management and day to day operations of Karuna Arts. She is an IT professional, now semi-retired in Hawai'i with her partner.

In 2015, with the launching of our new website, we will begin to introduce the Beauty of Hawai'i line. Which includes Handmade Hawaiian Shell Jewelry and incredible Tropical themed Stained Glass.

In 2017, in an effort to keep the cost of the batiks affordable, we began moving to a direct from Bali ordering for our wholesalers. We also started our new line of direct printed products which are made to order on a variety of new items such as T-Shirts, Tote Bags, iPhone cases and much more. This allowed us to offer our designs in new and exciting ways as well as be able to carry previously discontinued designs.

Karuna Arts supports fair trade in our partnerships with the artisans that we work with. All the batikers fix their own prices for handicrafts. We promote living wages and fair policies with the workers in the small-scale batiking shops. we give them regular bonuses to support them in their religious ceremonies.

We feel that our business is a circle of many hands, providing livelihood to many people around the world.

Karuna Arts donates regularly to charities such as Heifer International, Campaign for Tibet, Amnesty International and the American Civil Liberties Union. We also makes regular contributions over the years to support Tibetan refugees in India, and woman-based charities around the world. 

We specialize in Interfaith and Goddess themes to encourage world peace, multicultural awareness and religious harmony. All of our strings of prayer flags focus on honoring many different spiritual traditions, and feature images of Deities from different ethnic races. 

These images, in the form of brightly colored flags, are sold all over the USA and internationally.

Wholesale and retail sales are welcome. See our Conditions of Use and Wholesale Requirements pages, then set up your account and place your first order!

  Balinese Artists 

The Balinese are a friendly and remarkably artistic people. They have created a dynamic society with unique arts and ceremonies, making Bali an island almost unreal in today's hectic and changing world. Their Hindu religion is a daily celebration of the land, the gods and the people. Every part of their life is full of art and expert craftsmanship, including their clothes, buildings, temples and shops. Presently their economy is very threatened by the recent terrorist bombings. They are very grateful for our patronage.

Hand painted Batiks 

Most of our batiks are designed by Amara Wahaba Karuna and custom hand painted with very bright permanent dyes. We know all our artists personally and they work in small family-run shops.

About the Artist 

Amara Wahaba Karuna is an long time illustrator of publications and books, including the SageWoman calendar and magazine, Circle Network News Magazine, and The Holistic Health Handbook. She focuses on creating magical and inspirational images to bring certain healing vibrational qualities into the physical plane. She also teaches peer counseling, massage, holistic healing & the Dances of Universal Peace. 

Words from the Artist

 "I greatly enjoy the process of translating subtle emotions and ideas into a graphic image. I prefer to create art that is based on spiritual awareness, and which uplifts and inspires the viewer. My own spiritual path is central to my life, and through my artwork I attempt to honor the Spirit in all forms and spiritual paths. I specialize in creating images of Gods and Goddesses, Nature Spirits and magical beings. "


Karuna Arts Inc.

PO Box 1430
Pahoa, HI 96778

Phone: 808-965-3113