Apparel Sizing Info

Fabric Care
Colors may bleed the first few times you wash them so wash by hand or separately. Dyes are very strong and permanent. The fabric has already been boiled to get off the wax used in manufacturing but some residue may remaine. Line dry, items may shrink in a dryer.

Remove wrinkles by tumbling in a dryer for 5 minutes when fabric is dry.

Goddess Garb Clothing
Ritual wear for God/desses of all sizes and ages. Dimensions, fabric care and different ways to wear them!
These are very soft, flowing garments with elegant lines to flatter many types of bodies. Extremely comfortable! Skirts are all made with drawstrings, so they fit everybody!

The batiks are custom hand painted with very bright permanent dyes on rayon.

Cotton fabrics are used for the salt dye designs. They arrive stiff but get very soft with washing.

Clothing Fit

Large Star Top Dimensions

LST= Large Star Tops Fits larger women, sized large to extra large as a blouse, children as a dress.

All designs now offer improved large tops, which have 4 points on the bottom, for easier fit on larger Goddess sizes.



Long Skirt Dimensions

LS= Long Star Skirts, six points, one size fits all, drawstring waist can be used as a skirt or a sleeveless dress.







Caftan Top Dimensions

CT=Caftan Dress/Tops
Caftans are three feet square, with a V cut neck, and a short split up the side bottom. Try these alone as a comfortable robe or dress, or over a skirt.




These light Capes are designed to be a decorative accent or sun protection. They do not close in the front except to tie under the neck, and are made of one layer of light, comfortable rayon.

Dimensions for capes:

Full Adult Capes The hood is about 1.5 feet tall from the neck tie, for a loose drape. From the neck tie drawstring to the bottom hem is 5 feet tall.

Youth Capes are 4.5 feet from top to bottom, so from the neck tie drawstring to the bottom hem is 3.5 feet tall.

Child Capes are 3.5 feet from top to bottom, so from the neck tie drawstring to the bottom hem is 2.5 feet tall.