Wholesale Opportunities

Be a representative for Karuna Arts!

Sell our Peace and Interfaith flags

Looking for a good side business or fundraising opportunity? Email us directly at karunaarts@karunaarts.com or call 808-965-3113 about these possibilities.

Here are the deals:

Find us new accounts: Find us new clients that would like to make a wholesale order, and we will give you 20% of the total of the first order (minimum $200), as a finders' fee. Be sure to tell us you found them when they order. 

Or: buy wholesale, sell retail - great for retail stores, farmer's markets, festivals and gatherings!
This means you make an order for $200 or more at the discounted wholesale price, and then it is up to you to sell them however you like. The advantage to this is that you can usually get 100% over what you paid. 

Or: be a retail representative (drop ship). Sell on Amazon, eBay, etc.
If you want to sell directly to retail customers, but do not want to invest in buying and stocking merchandise, you can contact us for images for your ads, then when you make a sale, you send us the order information and payment (70% of retail price, plus postage). We will ship the order out right away via USPS. The remaining 30% is your profit. 

Or: be a fabric designer! 
We welcome the opportunity to work with artists and designer of all types.  You send us your designs, we send it on to Bali for a sample to be made.  Once you approve of the sample we then make your order.  We do require a minimum of 4 weeks for samples and another 2 to 4 for delivery. Generally it happens much faster than that but much depends on the work load and order shipments as well as the schedule of the artisans.  Design fee is $50 per item and covers approved sample.  We reserve the right to request half-down payment at time of sample approval and order.  Contact us to learn more.

How to get started!
Contact us once you have set up your preliminary account and we will change your account to a Wholesaler. Once that is done you will see our Wholesale prices when you log onto the site.  As long as you orders meet our minimum requirements, you will get the wholesale price.  

Minimum for first order is $200, then $150 thereafter.  

Shippping and handling is 9% for orders below $500, 6% for orders from $500 - $999 and free shipping for orders over $1000.  Our shipping system for wholesale is manually done at this time and will be updated accordingly once they are being proccessed. 

Existing customers that have special terms and conditions will have their orders updated accordingly once they are being processed.