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Wholesale Opportunities 

This year, in an effort to make our Batik products more available and affordable to the end customer, we have decided that we will be moving to a Direct from Bali to Wholesaler Fulfillment model. Customers will work directly with Ari Susanti, whose family has been our manufacturer for over ten years. We will be available at every step of the way to assist in communications, organization and marketing.

This will require some adjustment to the way business is done but the changes are minor. The benefits to everyone are great! An added benefit is that you can now order any of our designs, even if it was discontinued in the past.  As long as they still have the artwork, they can make it!

You can contact Ari Susanti at nirvanabatikwholesale@gmail.com. She will provide pricing, payment terms, scheduling and shipping information.

Listings for Retail Customers!

Once our inventory is gone, we will be concentrating our retail sales on one of a kind items made in Hawaii and Direct to Market Printed items in new and current designs.

For customers looking to purchase our designs in Batik, we will provide a listing for any wholesaler who wishes to have one. We will list you for free, the only requirement is that you do your best to keep Karuna Arts products in stock working with Susanti in Bali. Listings will be by state so visitors can find retail sellers closest to their location.

If you would like to be listed, please provide the following information:

▪ Full Company Information (name, location, phone, email, website)

▪ Sales? Physical Retail Location, Website or both?

▪ Karuna Arts Products Carried - please use our Item Numbers for clarity.

        Email info to: karunaarts@karunaarts.com

Drop Shipment Opportunities!

Any of our new Direct to Market Printed items will be available under our Drop Shipper Program with the same terms:

        Retail price less a 30% discount plus shipping!

We are just getting started on our offerings in this area so if there is anything you want but don't see, let us know and we'll make it! This is the beauty of the "On Demand" business as it allows us to offer a wide variety of products and options without the huge expense of keeping inventory. Especially with T-Shirts! Sizes, Colors, Styles OH MY!

One of the most exciting aspects of these new items is we can include any of our discontinued designs as well! 

Many types of items are available:

▪ T-shirts, tanks, sweatshirts for men, women, children and babies.

▪ Decorative wall art including posters, canvas prints and framed prints.

▪ Pillows, Embroidered Hats, Totebags, Mugs and iPhone cases!

Visit our Karuna Arts DMP site for more information such as graphics for your listings and item information on currently available items.

Drop Shipment Sales should be sent directly to: 


Terms: Paid at time of order via PayPal or Credit Card on File. 

Karuna Arts Inc.

PO Box 1430
Pahoa, HI 96778

Email: karunaarts@karunaarts.com
Phone: 808-965-3113